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Created and produced in Belgium in a responsible manner since 2012.

Samuel Droeshaut


Fabienne Tedesco


Samuel Droeshaut and Fabienne Tedesco present their fabulous organic GINGKY Ginger juice.

Gingky ginger juice was created according to a recipe resulting from the friendship between Samuel Droeshaut and Fabienne Tedesco, it is produced by FIVE STARS FOOD sprl. Gingky is 100% organic, artisanal and fresh. The ginger juice we use is organically grown, nourished by the pure water of the mountain peaks loaded with minerals from lands still free of any chemical products.

FIVE STARS FOOD sprl gently extracts the ginger juice from the rhizomes, cold pressed, the juice is then gently filtered to preserve a maximum of the incredible nutritional qualities of this wonderful root. Then we transform it by adding certified organic ingredients that we select with the greatest care and we work it according to our different recipes elaborated with passion to finally be put in bottles or cubes.

Based on the unique root of ginger, we have created a range of flavors whose recipes have been meticulously thought out according to two priorities:

. to make your taste buds dance in a festival of pleasure

. To bring to your body essential elements participating in a nutrition of great quality.

About Ginger

Provenance of our rhizomes..

Our ginger roots are mainly from the Peruvian mountains.

Planted without deforestation between 1000 and 1300 m of altitude. At this altitude there are no parasites for ginger, which allows us to have recourse to no product to protect it. In compliance with the rules of fair trade when the cultivated stocks are all sold, we supplement our production with rhizomes grown cleanly and responsibly.

We take special care to use the root in its entirety without throwing away a single crumb by reusing 100% of the ginger residue after the cold press.

Ginger composition

The benefits of ginger

He arrived in our country in the 4th century BC. JC. It was one of the first imported oriental spices.

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